Cruise Lines Are Restarting Operations

Cruise Line Restarting During Coronavirus.Volunteers Needed

For lovers of cruises, the cruise ship industry is looking to get back into business soon, even during a pandemic. Cruise lines are looking for volunteers to help simulate actual voyages, accompanied by the various amenities and excursions normally available. Many of these volunteers will include current employees.[1] This is practically a go ‘at your own risk’ trip. The close quarters of a cruise ship were breeding grounds for COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic.

No Compensation

It is important to note that you cannot be offered compensation as part of a volunteer for a trip on a cruise ship, whether you are an employee or not. This comes in any form, such as a promise of future employment, or money. This also means that your next vacation could be practically free.[2]

An Experiment at Sea

Those seeking to kick back and enjoy the sun on a cruise ship will have to sign a waiver, essentially indicating their awareness that they are “taking part in an experiment of untested protocols.”[3] Even if, as a volunteer, you witness blatant disregard for public health and the safety of passengers, putting you and others at risk, signing a legally binding agreement will make it difficult to obtain compensation on your part. Not to mention you will be isolated in a room if tested positive for COVID-19, and the ship can be locked down. Nonetheless, pandemic norms will still be in effect, such as social distancing, and wearing masks.[4] The limited options you have is important to keep in mind if considering taking part.

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