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The private sector, coupled with NASA, has made it possible for Americans to return to space, on our own terms. This achievement exemplifies what the United States is capable of, and so much more. As we have been patient and reserved these past couple months, let us remind ourselves that we can achieve many things […]

First responders, quasi-military, and healthcare workers, dubbed “public safety workers” by John H. Geaney, have a higher susceptibility to contracting COVID-19 than the general public.[1] Their line of duty makes it so they are in the presence of other potentially infected people. A CNBC article dated April 1 stated over 1,400 civilian and uniformed officers […]

For many of us, work before the global pandemic was ripe with flexibility. Now, it is characterized by inhibition and restraint. How often did we think twice about entering a social or public setting, such as a grocery store, or about shaking someone’s hand? New work models will place a focus on human-to-human contact, as […]

As businesses start to re-open, there are a multitude of lessons that can be learned from the coronavirus pandemic. These lessons can be practiced by every individual, whether one is an employee, or more importantly, an employer. Business owners need to take a careful look at how their employees practice good hygiene in the workplace, […]

Honoring our Transportation Workers

Much of the transportation industry has reason to be concerned, namely, the hard-working men and women risking their lives to make travel possible. The coronavirus is continuing to ravage the U.S. in certain industries. A Philadelphia-based American Airlines flight attendant recently died due to COVID-19. “This does spread more fear among our ranks”, said Lori […]

Remote work has taken precedence in the U.S. economy, out of all other types of work, due to the coronavirus. Millions of workers have been ordered to work from home out of a safety for themselves, and for others. There will most likely be a rise in workers’ compensation claims where the injury was incurred […]

Firefighters are crucial to public safety. Often they encounter disasters and public health emergencies. The nature of their work is vital to a functioning society. There are about double as many volunteer firefighters as there are paid/career firefighters.[1] Respiratory diseases are a somber reality for many. Inhalation of smoke, smog, and other foreign substances may […]

The coronavirus has embedded itself and successfully disrupted the American way of life. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are issuing guidelines from which people should most reasonably follow if they wish to contain the spread of the virus.[1] These guidelines have no legal basis, but are highly advised. They should be followed even […]

Consequences of a Shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Personal Protective Equipment is used by a variety of occupations, including dentists, machinists, firefighters, and woodworkers. The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has tested the manufacturing rate of PPE, much of which comes from China. A shortage of PPE is becoming a likely scenario from which to consider. […]

Elderly people have been shown to be more susceptible to catching the coronavirus. Those with pre-existing conditions/disabilities and weaker immune systems are undoubtedly more at risk. A nursing home near Seattle, Washington has been particularly hard-hit. The Life Care Center has as of now “up to one-third of its 180 staff members under quarantine”. It […]

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