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Traumatic Brain Injury on Construction Workers Traumatic brain injuries occur due to a variety of reasons. For construction workers, the risk of experiencing one is significantly elevated. One reason that they may occur is due to falling. All too often, falls at the construction site occur because of a lack of training or safety. The […]

Scope of Wrongful Death Claims Wrongful death claims due to personal injury are sufficiently straightforward. When an individual, such as a parent, is deceased and there is reason a second or third party may be liable, it is necessary for the family of the deceased to seek closure. The scope of wrongful death claims includes […]

Senate Bill No. 2380

Expanded Workers’ Compensation Benefits Through Bill If N.J. Gov. Murphy signs Senate Bill No. 2380, it would expand access to workers’ compensation benefits for New Jersey workers. Under the bill, a “prima facie presumption” is created; if the employee meets the standard of an “essential employee” and contracts the coronavirus, it will be presumed to […]

Labor Day This Labor Day, we seek to honor the contributions made by generations of workers across the U.S. Immigrant workers have played an important part in building this country. Many of them came through Ellis Island in New York seeking to build a better future for their families. Labor during the nineteenth and early […]

Workers Laid Off The hospitality sector is taking a hit. MGM Resorts plans to lay off 18,000 workers, in what is a response to a decrease in revenue.[1] The ramifications of this are widespread. At the heart, families will be affected. How can these workers cope with a loss of income? Employability Many of us […]

Recent Events The United States Postal Service undeservedly has taken heat from political figures. To what avail is to question political motives, but for the USPS and its workers, nothing stands taller than an honest day’s work. If funding for the USPS is reduced, it could debilitate the federal service, and put pressure on its […]

Teachers’ Immense Responsibility The last thing parents need to worry about this September is sending their kids to school. The consequences of packed hallways with mask-less students comes uneasy to many parents. How do parents reconcile the need for their children to receive an education while balancing their health and safety? Homeschooling has become an […]

Creating a work environment where employees excel is best anticipated when they are informed. Through thick and thin, workers honestly believe that coworkers are family. In providing a setting that focuses on the utility of each worker, there are several things to keep in mind. Focus on Work-Life Balance Overwork and overexertion have been common […]

Consequences of COVID-19 These past few months, workers have performed their jobs painstakingly. It is no mistake that in certain industries, demand has increased. Certain essentials like toilet paper, masks, gloves, and respirators have skyrocketed in terms of consumer demand. This means workers have been asked to work overtime, put in more effort, and perhaps […]

America’s Selfless Medical Workers

Through thick and thin, medical workers across the country have shown they are not scared of the coronavirus. The heroism that they display is nothing short of fearless. This is on display in the Navajo Nation, where volunteer doctors and nurses from the University of California, San Francisco battled COVID-19.[1] Their efforts have helped stem […]

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