Have You Gotten Injured Due to More Demanding Work?

Injured at work

Consequences of COVID-19

These past few months, workers have performed their jobs painstakingly. It is no mistake that in certain industries, demand has increased. Certain essentials like toilet paper, masks, gloves, and respirators have skyrocketed in terms of consumer demand. This means workers have been asked to work overtime, put in more effort, and perhaps even to increase output. Manufacturing plants are a source of this, where workers have become more prone to injuries. An increased pace of work to keep one’s job has led to physical, and mental strain for many.

Injuries Incurred While Working

The consequences of rushing to complete a certain quota or output are known to put more stress on the worker. This can often lead to “high blood pressure, heart disease, depression, diabetes, chronic infections…and even death.”[1] Working more hours may also lead to an increased risk of repetitive motion injuries such as back/joint issues, or carpal tunnel syndrome. Muscle strains are also common in warehouses. Lastly, machine-related injuries that can lead to burns, fractures, or even loss of limb, may be compensable in a court of law. [2]

Companies Need to Be Held Accountable

As online shopping has increased, delivery drivers for companies like Amazon have seen an uptick in packages that need to be shipped. An increased demand for this work can lead to fatigue and exhaustion, “reducing a person’s reaction time”, which have led to vehicle accidents.[3] Working people and wage earners deserve fair workers’ compensation if they are injured on the job. Do you need to know your rights? Contact a Workplace Lawyer at (973)-943-4106.

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