Is Your Workplace Doing Enough to Accommodate You?

For those with disabilities and pre-existing conditions, staying healthy has been a top priority during this coronavirus pandemic. Those with mental and physical disabilities may see/have seen their conditions worsen over this period. It is truly a sensitive time for many of us. An important question to be asked is if employers are doing enough to accommodate workers, many of whom have been affected by isolation and fear. What can be done to improve mental health?

Employers are encouraged to network psychiatric services with the workplace and with workers. Businesses should provide a workplace setting in which employees do their best. To achieve this, many individuals need to talk about their recent experiences. Opening up to each other, perhaps in a spatial setting advised by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) provides hard-working people with the opportunity to let go of some of the stresses that they have been holding on to. This can be done between coworkers in group therapy. It can also be done in a therapy session guided by a therapeutic professional, albeit provided by the workplace.

There is no better time to listen to the needs of employees. Employers may also choose to hand out pamphlets to employees, connecting them with a yoga instructor or yoga classes. That is, once these become more available. Even having employees speak with their managers one-on-one, asking them what more they can do to provide a “growth”-oriented workplace setting, would go the extra mile. Providing workers with the resources for mental growth will henceforth induce professional growth for the individual and for the business. is the website for the workers compensation attorneys firm of Livingston, DiMarzio LLP Our team of attorneys is made up of New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers, NJ Workers Comp Lawyers, Employment Lawyers and Certified New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Attorneys.