Tips to Stay Safe and Prevent Injury During Winter

Stay Safe This Winter And Prevent Personal Injury. Anecdote

Too often we choose expediency over safety, and sometimes consequences incur. Injury is common when we are not careful. What may seem okay can also put one at risk. As an avid runner, I have had my share of injuries. A couple months ago, I injured my ankle while running in the park, sustaining a sprain and strain. I was on the asphalt, but there was an object beneath my feet that I was not aware of when I slipped. To this day the ankle is still recovering. A few years back, I had also broken my ankle running in the park. It was during winter and there were people coming in my direction from the opposite way on the path. With snow on the ground, I went around them because there was no space. I fell on the edge where the asphalt stopped, and the grass started, albeit it was not visible.

Tips to Prevent Injury

  • Use industrial salt near your home and on steps to prevent slip and falls.
  • Avoid jogging or running in an area with ice on the ground. It is easier to maintain balance on ice while walking.
  • Maintain balance on slippery surfaces by spreading your feet out and pointing them outward slightly. Bending slightly and keeping your feet flat will also provide resistance. Making sure to use arms as if you are showing your wingspan will help.
  • Use boots or shoes equipped with traction against ice.
  • Watch your step while exercising. This is especially important because a lot of us like to change music while exercising, but those moments where you are not looking can be risky.
  • If you need to exercise outside, try to do so during daylight hours.
  • Use a track (used for track and field sports) instead of a park. It is less likely that there will be debris on a track.
  • Always keep your phone on you when exercising outside. If you do happen to fall or slip, call 911. Walking back to your vehicle is a risky option if you happen to injure yourself and can hurt.
  • Consider purchasing an indoor bike or treadmill, which provide a controlled environment.
  • If you are unsure about shoveling your own driveway or walkway yourself, find someone else who will do it. Some apps recruit and let you hire local individuals to do the job, so you do not have to.
  • When driving, slow down during inclement conditions to prevent hydroplane.


Lastly, if you happen to slip and fall in or outside your workplace, and sustained injury, consider speaking with a workers’ compensation attorney. Some property owners fail to salt or plow their entrances or outside their buildings and in parking lots and can be held liable. is the website for the workers compensation attorneys firm of Livingston, DiMarzio LLP Our team of attorneys is made up of New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers, NJ Workers Comp Lawyers, Employment Lawyers and Certified New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Attorneys.