Recognizing the Contributions of America’s Laborers

Labor Day Honoring Contributions Of America's Laborers.Labor Day

This Labor Day, we seek to honor the contributions made by generations of workers across the U.S. Immigrant workers have played an important part in building this country. Many of them came through Ellis Island in New York seeking to build a better future for their families. Labor during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, defined by long working hours, unsafe working conditions, and child labor, was necessary to put food on the table. The hard-working men and women of previous and current time, who sacrificed and continue to sacrifice for their families, always lead by example. Bearing the fruit of one’s labor has been part of the American dream. Our firm is grateful to be able to fight for workers and their rights. Knowing the value of diversity and a hard-earned wage has been integral to our success in fighting for you.

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Countless improvements in workplace safety over many years have been beneficial. The Occupational Safety and Health Act has sought to create better workplace environments. Unions have also been integral towards providing workers with a voice. Yet, injuries occurring during work are common. Facing companies and corporations alone can be daunting. We know how difficult it is for families once a parent or child becomes injured and can no longer provide. Laborers and workers have a right to representation that will not give up until they have won. Our workers’ compensation attorneys have the experience and confidence needed to walk you through your case and provide you job security if you are injured. Call us today for a free consultation at (973)-718-3769. is the website for the workers compensation attorneys firm of Livingston, DiMarzio LLP Our team of attorneys is made up of New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers, NJ Workers Comp Lawyers, Employment Lawyers and Certified New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Attorneys.