Return to American Spaceflight Reminds Us of American Innovation

The private sector has coupled with NASA. They have made it possible for Americans to return to space with spaceflights, on our own terms. This achievement exemplifies what the United States is capable of, and so much more. As we have been patient and reserved these past couple of months, let us remind ourselves that we can achieve many things if we set our minds to it. Perhaps the biggest lesson from the COVID-19 pandemic is how much the U.S. needs to rely on itself when things go wrong.

This spaceflight is a microcosm of the boundaries and limits that will be pushed. It’s something we all look forward to once normality returns. It is within each one of us that we can improve ourselves, our communities, and our country. The pandemic has made many doubtful of their situation, including those who lost loved ones. However, the future is bright for all Americans. The roaring engine that travels past the stratosphere is in some ways a new beginning for many. is the website for the workers compensation attorneys firm of Livingston, DiMarzio LLP Our team of attorneys is made up of New Jersey Mesothelioma Lawyers, NJ Workers Comp Lawyers, Employment Lawyers and Certified New Jersey Worker’s Compensation Attorneys.