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The interviewee is an Uber driver who will remain anonymous and wanted to share details surrounding their work conditions with me. Q1: What type of mask do you recommend using as an Uber driver? A: “I recommend using N95 masks. They protect me from the environment, and the environment from myself.”   Q2: Have you […]

Avoiding Vehicle Collisions

One of the most efficient ways to take care of yourself and your family is watching how you drive. Here are 11 tips to help you on your next trip: Slow down Slowing down, to a degree, can never be a poor choice. It gives you and others more time to maintain vision, and exit […]

Anecdote Too often we choose expediency over safety, and sometimes consequences incur. Injury is common when we are not careful. What may seem okay can also put one at risk. As an avid runner, I have had my share of injuries. A couple months ago, I injured my ankle while running in the park, sustaining […]

The Implications of Self-Driving Vehicles

What Do I Get Out of It? For those willing to take advantage of the perks a self-driving vehicle has to offer, many would hope that they require little attention from the person in the driver’s seat, or the back-up driver. What kind of perks do self-driving vehicles have to offer for workers on the […]

On the Way The COVID-19 vaccine will soon become available to the public on a mass-scale. Although many will offer to take it, some people may not be comfortable taking it. This could be due to religious observance, or due to underlying health reasons, such an already existing significant allergy to a “vaccine, medicine, or […]

Role of Gender Gender plays a significant role regarding personal injury claims. It makes a difference in court whether the injured person is male or female, and often will be cited. Present-day inequalities are effectively translated into the calculation of damages that will go in resolving a case. The Pay Gap The pay gap between […]

Outbreak Among Prison Populations During this pandemic, prisons have become hotbeds for the infectious disease, COVID-19. New Jersey law recently passed has made it possible for thousands of inmates to be released early, many through public health emergency credits.[1] The push by the state to stem the spread of the coronavirus puts prison populations at […]

Workers at Risk in Meatpacking Plants

Shoddy Working Conditions As a second wave of the coronavirus has forced cities and states to close, meatpacking plants and other essential industries are slated to continue operations. Recently, Tyson has suspended meat plant managers accused in court of participating in a betting pool of how many workers would be infected with COVID-19, occurring earlier […]

Working with Robots Amazon warehouses have begun implementing the use of robots to increase efficiency. This has come at an increased price to workers. Robotic technology has often been touted as a futuristic solution in workplaces, one that could eventually replace workers. The benefit is that robots do not take breaks, or idle. Although they […]

Cruise Lines Are Restarting Operations

Volunteers Needed For lovers of cruises, the cruise ship industry is looking to get back into business soon, even during a pandemic. Cruise lines are looking for volunteers to help simulate actual voyages, accompanied by the various amenities and excursions normally available. Many of these volunteers will include current employees.[1] This is practically a go […]

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