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Cruise Lines Are Restarting Operations

Volunteers Needed For lovers of cruises, the cruise ship industry is looking to get back into business soon, even during a pandemic. Cruise lines are looking for volunteers to help simulate actual voyages, accompanied by the various amenities and excursions normally available. Many of these volunteers will include current employees.[1] This is practically a go […]

Access to Medicine N.J. lawmakers are set to vote on a bill that would require insurers to pay the cost of medical marijuana for those prescribed it.[1] Medical marijuana is used to treat several conditions, like seizures, cancer, post-traumatic stress disorder, and Alzheimer’s, among others.[2] Since Governor Jon Corzine signed into law in 2010 the […]

Are There Risks in a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Background Information Millions of Americans will soon offer to take a coronavirus vaccine during this global pandemic. An important question to cover is whether there are legal risks associated with taking one. Historically, when vaccine manufacturers were unwilling to face liability for any adverse health consequences arising from taking a vaccine, it was more difficult […]

Politics in the Workplace

Anecdote If you have ever been asked by a job interviewer, your boss, or coworker, about who you are voting for, you are not alone. In interviewing for a deli associate job, I was asked who I voted for in the 2016 election. I was barely surprised to hear the question, considering how controversial the […]

According to a Rutgers New Jersey Medical School study, those who have survived COVID-19 are at an increased risk of kidney disease. This is significant due to various factors that make many people already at risk for kidney disease.[1] Such factors include: High Blood Pressure Diabetes Smoking Being of African American, Hispanic, Native American, or […]

Traumatic Brain Injury on Construction Workers Traumatic brain injuries occur due to a variety of reasons. For construction workers, the risk of experiencing one is significantly elevated. One reason that they may occur is due to falling. All too often, falls at the construction site occur because of a lack of training or safety. The […]

Scope of Wrongful Death Claims Wrongful death claims due to personal injury are sufficiently straightforward. When an individual, such as a parent, is deceased and there is reason a second or third party may be liable, it is necessary for the family of the deceased to seek closure. The scope of wrongful death claims includes […]

Senate Bill No. 2380

Expanded Workers’ Compensation Benefits Through Bill If N.J. Gov. Murphy signs Senate Bill No. 2380, it would expand access to workers’ compensation benefits for New Jersey workers. Under the bill, a “prima facie presumption” is created; if the employee meets the standard of an “essential employee” and contracts the coronavirus, it will be presumed to […]

Labor Day This Labor Day, we seek to honor the contributions made by generations of workers across the U.S. Immigrant workers have played an important part in building this country. Many of them came through Ellis Island in New York seeking to build a better future for their families. Labor during the nineteenth and early […]

Workers Laid Off The hospitality sector is taking a hit. MGM Resorts plans to lay off 18,000 workers, in what is a response to a decrease in revenue.[1] The ramifications of this are widespread. At the heart, families will be affected. How can these workers cope with a loss of income? Employability Many of us […]

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