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Gas station attendants and many convenience store workers in New Jersey perform an essential function: making sure that drivers can stay on the road. As of March 2022, New Jersey law dictates that fuel station employees are required to pump consumers’ gas. Without their services, our tanks would be empty. Unfortunately, gas stations and convenience […]

New Jersey Funeral Home Injury Lawyers

Funeral workers are in constant contact with death. Their work involves working among the dead, but surprisingly, this psychosocial risk is just one of many risks of working in a funeral home. Not everyone is cut out for this type of work. The ones that are have a remarkable way of adapting towards gruesome conditions […]

Caring for those who need assistance is a noble task, requiring patience as well as responsibility. In a growing industry tied to healthcare, assisted living and personal care is often tailored towards the elderly and the disabled. Those who most need the services of others do not always behave rationally, however, resulting in injury to […]

Circus performers are often kept out of the limelight when it comes to entertainment and performances. The crowd-pleasing, high-octane performances associated with the 20th century, to the amusement of parents and children alike, have dwindled. With the demand for other forms of entertainment, such as movies, musicals, and live concerts, in addition to pressure from […]

Workers’ Compensation for GERD

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that could have implications for your livelihood. For those who have it, it may have been onset by occupational exposure or exacerbated by work-related conditions. In the workers’ compensation industry, GERD is most visible among first responders such as police officers, including those who worked on […]

Perhaps you have once had a ‘broken’ heart over a breakup, or loss of a pet. Yet, broken heart syndrome is more serious than feelings of remorse. Alternatively described as stress-induced cardiomyopathy, takotsubo cardiomyopathy, or apical ballooning syndrome, it includes symptoms of chest pressure, palpitations, and weakness, like a heart attack. It is often associated […]

New Jersey Concert Injury Lawyers

For concertgoers, one of the worst things that can happen is yourself or someone else getting injured. People go to concerts to have fun and listen to good music. Unfortunately, not everything is smooth sailing when thousands of people are packed into a limited space. The potential for injury worsens when there is less space […]

New Jersey Mercenary Injury Lawyers

Background Information Although traditional soldiers are not eligible for workers’ compensation, mercenaries are. Mercenaries are security consultants or private military contractors who provide armed combat or security services. They do not always work for a nation; a large company or an organization such as the United Nations may hire mercenaries to provide operational support in […]

Snow Removal Injury Lawyers

During the winter, snow can be a hazard for many homeowners, businesses, workers, and drivers. People need to be able to navigate their way without injury. For many people, however, shoveling is not an option, either due to old age, disability, or simply the physicality of the work. Snow removal workers perform one of the […]

Vaping Increases Risk of Workplace Injury

Smoking has often been characterized as harmful, and injurious to the smoker and others around them, but what about vaping? Compared to smoking, vaping has been described as a healthier alternative to smoking. It has found ground among young people and those who wish to quit smoking. Unfortunately, there are several health risks related to […]

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