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Mental Health Among Law Enforcement

Police Actions Scrutinized Police officers have arguably one of the most difficult jobs out there. Witnessing death, crisis after crisis and violent crime can put a toll on the mind, and the body. Recent events involving police mistakably pulling the trigger or using excessive force when dealing with a person has put the limelight on […]

Employment-At-Will Workers’ compensation is meant to fit the needs of employers as well as employees. It is meant to reduce risk that would otherwise be inherent in the employer-employee relationship. For the worker, they want assurances that they will be able to support themselves financially if something work-related happens to them. For the employer, it […]

In Search of a Better Life In March, almost 19,000 migrant children, coming without parents or guardians, were processed at the southern border, the most ever in a given month.[1] That is about 633 children per day. Some of the most glaring news showing up at our TV screens each day concerns this. Migrant children, […]

Older Workers Retiring Later Workers’ compensation costs are statistically higher for older workers than younger workers. One dataset provides numbers about workers’ comp payments averaging $8,000 for the youngest workers and over $20,000 for workers above age 65 when they concern seven or more days of lost time.[1] More people are continuing to work past […]

Drugs Introduced into Treatment The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that out of every 100 people, opioid prescriptions have dropped from 81.3 in the year 2012 to 58.7 in 2017.1 Street drugs are due for some credit for this change, as they have grown in popularity. There has been an upward trend in […]

Cooper Recalls Various Tires

Your Safety at Risk Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, specializing in the manufacture and sale of tires, is recalling approximately 430,000 tires. These come from brands such as “Discoverer, Evolution, Courser, Deegan, Adventurer, Hercules, Back Country, Multi-Mile Wild Country, and Big O Brand.[1] The risk adherent to these tires common in steel belted radial tires […]

Pressure on Social Media Companies In a Pew Research Survey, 49% of social media users stated that their political discussions are angrier compared with other places people might discuss politics.[1] This heightened emotion is often reflected in extremist and hate speech, lawmakers argue. Section 230, a law that provides immunity to online platforms such as […]

Indoor Air Quality

Anecdote I have had my own experience with indoor air quality. In college, when I worked at a supermarket as a deli associate, I encountered safety hazards that would horrify most people. At one point, there was a continuous water leak behind the counter in the area where deli workers cut their meats. For at […]

Less Workers’ Comp Claims and Smaller Payout Amounts Workers who use medical marijuana are statistically less likely to file a workers’ compensation claim. That is the news coming out of a study from the National Bureau of Economic Research, conducted by researchers from William Paterson University, University of Cincinnati, Temple University, and the RAND Corporation. […]

In a case study, when African American respondents were asked to list the greatest harm that could come to them from wearing a mask, 43.3% listed racial profiling or police interaction.[1] Negative things have happened towards those wearing masks during the pandemic. In Nashville, Tennessee, two black men were racially profiled and thrown out of […]

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