Finding Gratitude

Finding Gratitude Reflection

Do you ever stop and think about how an injury is holding you down? How does a workplace injury impact the way you look at yourself? Even though you think you’re okay, no one is immune to self-doubt and the reflection that often comes with an injury.

Injuries have a way of holding us back. They’re a reminder of one’s inability, one’s possible mistake or error in judgment, as well as a reduced quality of life. We aren’t machines — we’re only human. It’s normal for us to question, observe, and question again. Some people make their living off this.

If you have been injured, you’ll know that it’s not a walk in the park. There is no get rich quick scheme, or in this case, heal quick scheme. The process takes time, and a lot of self-care. As a person learns to be more attentive to their own health, it also reminds them to try to lead safer lives.

Strength in Injury

People are often given second chances, especially after debilitating injury. Permanent visual impairment, brain injury, or paraplegia all lead a person to question life’s values.

Some may find that it’s not how an injury is taking away opportunities, or that a disability is difficult to live with, but how it motivates us to be stronger people. Some of the most resilient people are those using canes or guide dogs, or in wheelchairs.

Most people with a permanent injury have lived a significant portion of their life to know how their quality of life was probably better before injury. They have attested to the fact that life isn’t well-lived until a person realizes how much they really have.

Saying Thanks

Recognizing one’s capabilities and expressing gratitude toward one’s fortune is something that can be considered by everyone. Those who have lost some physical ability, either permanently or temporarily, know how important gratitude is. The human body isn’t something that can be tampered with.

People are just that, however — people. We don’t often think to show gratitude for what we do have until we’ve lost it. After all, life can get hectic. To have to stop and be reminded of these things is also a matter in and of itself. We may not like to think of a reality without our capacities. If the situation does arise, we will deal with it then.

Is there any weight in not valuing our physical abilities as often as we should? In the scheme of things, it may be better to do so, at least occasionally. It puts one in the frame of mind of someone that knows that life or health can’t be taken for granted. No one expects an injury to happen, until it does. Once that happens, you know there’s an uphill battle.

Yet, when you practice gratitude and being mindful of your health, you may start to notice things that you didn’t notice before. Things that you can do to lead a safer life. Whether it’s being more attentive or declining to do things that can put you in jeopardy, you start to expect the same from others as well.

Work is Work

When it comes to the workplace, things need to get done. That may mean putting yourself at risk for the sake of making a living. But there are still things you can do. Remembering to wear personal protective equipment when working around hazardous substances, or on a construction site for example, can make a significant difference.

If you think that you are being asked to do something inherently unsafe, or out of the scope of your job, it is important that you speak up. This isn’t common, but it does happen.

Finally, making sure that you are aware of your job duties and the precautions you need to take before a task can be vital. If you aren’t sure of what to do, it’s important to ask someone, like a coworker, or your supervisor.

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Living a life with an injury is tough, but what is tougher is living a life without realizing what we have, only to get injured. Nothing is certain in life, but you can try to be certain about what’s important.

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