America’s Selfless Medical Workers

Medical Workers Through thick and thin, medical workers across the country have shown they are not scared of the coronavirus. The heroism that they display is nothing short of fearless. This is on display in the Navajo Nation, where volunteer doctors and nurses from the University of California, San Francisco battled COVID-19.[1] Their efforts have helped stem the spread of the virus in an area that surpassed New York for the highest rate of infection in the U.S, as much as “10 times the rate of other Americans and Canadians”.[2][3] In another show of solidarity, frontline workers and families in the Navajo Nation are receiving care packages raised in donations through two nurses.[4]

We are only as strong as our hardest-hit communities. If there is inspiration to be gained, it is from those who do not flee danger, but confront it. The sacrifices that medical workers have made to better communities across the country is intangible. Our thanks go out to all of those who have sacrificed during this time.

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