Hospitality Workers Represent the Best in Customer Service

Hospitality Workers

Hospitality Workers Laid Off

The hospitality sector is taking a hit. MGM Resorts plans to lay off 18,000 workers, in what is a response to a decrease in revenue.[1] The ramifications of this are widespread. At the heart, families will be affected. How can these workers cope with a loss of income?


Many of us have recalled our best experiences with customer service at a hotel. The care that hospitality workers put into making your stay enjoyable is part of what brings us to the location. Presenting a “high touch” customer service, hospitality workers derive their business acumen with extensive attention to the clientele.[2] The efforts that they put in provides a personalized guest experience to make you feel at home. The talent that they exhibit is transferrable to other industries. The value of retaining “high touch” business skills can be illustrated in sales, support, or professional sectors, in addition to customer service.[3] It increases one’s employability.

Protect You and Your Family

As “high touch” jobs require “extensive human attention”, interaction with the public is inevitable.[4] Often, people have complaints. Handling these complaints in a professional and timely manner distinguishes good service from great service. There is no telling if a customer or client becomes violent or starts an altercation due to a concern they might have. Incidents that happen on-the-job can be compensable. Should this happen, our team of experienced workers’ compensation attorneys encourages you to call us to set up a free consultation.

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