Teachers Have an Important Role to Play This September

Teachers Have an Important Role to Play This SeptemberTeachers’ Immense Responsibility

The last thing parents need to worry about this September is sending their kids to school. The consequences of packed hallways with mask-less students comes uneasy to many parents. How do parents reconcile the need for their children to receive an education while balancing their health and safety? Homeschooling has become an option, but often this comes at a financial price. Teachers are tasked with the immense responsibility of ensuring students are following procedures. These include wearing masks and social distancing. It also includes letting a superior know if a student is not feeling well, to send the student home. Students may need to be reminded to avoid touching their faces, and to wash hands.[1]

Connecting Parents and Teachers

Teachers already have a challenging job, but this September it will be even more challenging. Providing students with the correct atmosphere of learning and safety varies across different grades, and parents want to make sure that their children are in good hands when they are away from home. Parents may want to connect with their children’s teachers to make sure that the right environment is being supplied, and if their child is following school rules.

Health Effects of Teaching

This school year will be challenging. On top of the duties required of a teacher, simple things like teachers having to raise their voices through masks so their students can hear the lesson can produce tiresome effects. This can cause health ailments like laryngitis, chronic cough, vocal fatigue, vocal scarring, sore throat, and hoarseness. [2]We often see “vocal fatigue” in “professional voice users – such as teachers, singers, and call center employees”, which can cause anxiety.[3] This can lead teachers to seek help from a medical professional, such as a speech therapist or an otolaryngologist. Teachers do have legal remedy from workers’ compensation courts if they experience medical issues such as described. Our firm, LIVINGSTON DIMARZIO BROWN, LLP, has always supported teachers and their workers’ compensation rights, and will continue to do so.

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